Message From the Principal

Welcome! Thank you for visiting our school's webpage.

The Segue Institute for Learning is a full-service community school, serving Central Falls scholarsin grades five through eight.

Segue's academic program is based on a full inclusion model for special education and a collaborative general education model for teaching English as a second language. With all practices based on the school's mission that all students are "At Promise," the school community - staff, families, and scholars - works together to support each individual scholar, adopting a "whatever it takes" approach to ensuring educational success in middle school, high school, and beyond.

Segue's teachers implement a variety of strategies to meet the needs of our scholars, including: standards-based grading, blended learning, and a workshop model. Segue's standards-based grading system is an innovative approach to grading and assessment, which ensures clear communication of each scholar's progress and a focus on growth and mastery. This system depends on regular use of data to inform instruction.

Segue's daily schedule allows for extensive collaborative time for teachers and staff. Regular, often daily, common planning times and team meetings allow for ongoing engagement between teachers and staff. This time is dedicated to data meetings and collaborative protocols that support unit and lesson development and intervention development and tracking.

The Segue Institute for Learning has proudly partnered with the R.I. Department of Education and WestEd - Learning Innovations to develop and implement a Curriculum Toolkit that supports teachers and administrators in developing content area curriculum tools that support English learners (ELs). This professional development module program supports school-based teams in establishing Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), writing standards-driven lesson plan, implementing language development standards and instruction, and creating collaborative spaces for teachers.

These innovative practices have yielded positive results for Segue's scholars. The most recent state standardized testing results show that Segue's scholars are outperforming the state in literacy and making tremendous strides in math achievement, with Segue being one of only eight schools in the state to make significant growth in math achievement.

We welcome any inquiries about our school's practices and will accommodate school visits as appropriate. Please contact us for more information.

Thank you again for your interest in our school!

Melissa Lourenco