Hello Friends of Segue..

Welcome to the new and improved webpage for the Segue Institute for Learning!

I am excited that you are taking the time to look into our school and see all of the great things that are happening here.

As the Founder and Executive Director; I have been so fortunate to see the growth and evolution of our school from the first day we opened and can tell you that we have come an incredible distance as a small charter school that is now in its almost 10th year.

One does not have to go too far to see the amazing results we have had not only academically but in building the capacity of our community.

I am very proud of the students, staff and families of Segue because this is their school. They own it inside and out! Not many schools can say that… but we can!

From our rigorous academic programming to our sports and after school initiatives to our family engagement/involvement activities; this is a school that embraces the “whole child and family” to do what it takes to make our Segue Falcons successful.

I hope that you will agree as you search through our pictures, articles and data that we are a school that is making huge strides in moving students along a continuum of excellence and high achievement and better citizens of their city.

I also invite you to come and spend time here, visit our classrooms and talk with students and staff. They will tell you that our culture is centered on the success of all that walk through our doors and hallways.

This is a pretty incredible place. Come see it for yourself.

Thanks again and make sure to keep checking back to this site for updates and the latest news.

Segue IFL…. Where “ALL” Students are “AT PROMISE!”

All my best…