Heart of Gold – Kristen Gold Named Segue’s Employee of the Month for October


Segue is proud to announce its Employee of the Month for October 2018 as School Social Worker, Ms. Kristen Gold.  Not many people can make an impact on a school and a community they way Ms. Gold has in her short time here at Segue.  However, she has been nothing short of a "Rock Star".  As Segue continues to evolve and adapt its practices, it is amazing to have someone with the passion of Ms. Gold to spearhead the social and emotional growth of its scholars.

Ms. Gold spent the summer assisting with the revision of our school-wide Mindfulness program, and last month she coordinated the implementation of the program with our 5th/6th and 7th grades. She supported teachers and staff in ensuring the program was rolled out with fidelity. So far, Segue has seen amazing results and received positive feedback from students. Ms. Gold has also taken the lead on multiple Social/Emotional Power Hour groups. Her creativity and rapport building with students in the group setting has been outstanding. Ms. Gold is a wonderful advocate for her students, and her support of them and their families is clearly appreciated.

School Leadership was asked what they believed made Ms. Gold rise to the top during this month. Director of Counseling and Support Mrs. Katherin Tessier commented "Last month was really busy and pretty difficult, and she handled it all like a rock star! She is flexible with schedule and changes, and is amazing with our students and families. She also spent the month studying like crazy for the LCSW exam and did amazing." 7th Grade Lead Teacher and ESL Collaborating Teacher Mrs. Amanda Muratori said "She exemplifies the learner qualities we look to develop in our scholars- persistence in challenging situations, patience with new learning, and commitment to projects we've invested in.".  Principal Mrs. Melissa Lourenco glowed about Ms. Gold saying "Ms. Gold is a valued member of the Segue community. She approaches her work with a positive attitude, always finding the strengths in the students, staff, and families she engages with. She is kind and also hilarious!".

Ms. Gold has been with Segue since June 2018 as a member of our Counseling and Support team and one of our School Social Workers.  The impact she has made to the school in such a short time is profound and this recognition is well deserved.

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